17015776_10211183726901073_5294547092502354318_o (1)Welcome to Scratching the Surface.

     My name is Megan, and this website highlights my personal writing as I scratch the surface of learning to weave spirituality, sensuality, and creativity into my daily life.

I have been writing poems, short stories, and journals since I was ten years old. My fondest memories have always had some connection to reading, writing, and storytelling: reading silently with my family at home on lazy Sunday afternoons; watching my grandma write poetry she gave to us as gifts; or listening to my grandpa tell interesting stories of his life to name a few.

My writing leans towards the genre of creative nonfiction, though I occasionally craft short stories and poems. I am inspired by art, nature, travel, and the simple things in life. I feel the smallest gestures, the simplest of words, and the subtlest connections tend to create the most profound meanings in the course of one’s life journey. Join me here to find out what I’m learning as I go. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself, too.