Good Enough to Sleep In. . .

I wore some really wild and fun workout pants to the Y this morning.  They were tight fitting, brushed cotton with pink, orange, green, white and blue, wavy stripes of different sizes running across them.  My personal trainer smiled when he saw me and said, “Those are outrageous.  I love them.  People have been staring at you and pointing at you since you walked in.  Don’t you feel odd?”  I smiled and shook my bum and said, “Let ’em look.  That’s why I bought them.”  He laughed and said, “Yeah.  They’re pretty great and they look comfy too.”  I picked up my leg and told him to feel how soft they were.  He rubbed my calf and smiled and said, “I would totally try a pair of those on if I knew no one was looking.  Hell, I would sleep in those.  They’re fantastic.”

I didn’t tell him that I wore them to yoga class yesterday evening slept in them last night and then walked in wearing them at the gym this morning.  I figured it’s summertime and I can pull off an occasional beach bum casualness in my dress.

After the Y, I had about 20 mins to kill before going to my hair appointment.  I decided to stop in at the local gardening shop to see what plants they had on sale.  I heard a lady behind me say, “Weren’t you at the Y earlier?”  I turned and smiled and said, “Yes.  Hi, how are you?”  She smiled back and said, “Oh I”m better now that I saw you in your wild pants.  Those are fun.  We were all looking at you and smiling.  I would wear a pair of those.”  I told her that they were soft too, and she said, “Oh, I would sleep in those.  They’re fantastic.”

We parted ways and I walked up another aisle and saw a woman from yoga class last night.  We chatted for a bit and she looked down at my wild pants.  I laughed and I said, “Mary, don’t tell on me.  I just came from the Y and I’m wearing the same pants as I did last night.”

She looked down at them and said, “I won’t tell.  Those are fantastic.  They look good enough to sleep in.”



2 thoughts on “Good Enough to Sleep In. . .”

    1. Vivacious? Wow! Now there’s an adjective. You’re too kind, Breann. Thanks for reading this. I’m sure to find some more wild pants down the line.

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