Day 2: The Dubliners, Part 2

The words “shit” & “fuck” have never sounded better or more natural than when they’re coming out of an Irishman’s mouth. Sheer poetry, if you ask me. And I’m only semi-joking. I met 2 Dubliners, Anthony & Killian, this evening when I went for a pint of Guinness with one of my touring mates, Rose, a school teacher from Canada. And within a few minutes I was hanging on every word Anthony said, partly because he was cute, and mostly because he was just so nice, smart, well-traveled, and interesting. Oh, and he was cute. Did I already mention that?

Anyway, the Irish accent & attitude lends a certain charm to cursing that I haven’t really heard before. As Anthony was talking about the Irish economic system & pensions and asking me, “So, does that seem like shit to you?” and “I fuckin’ (pronounced like fookin’) can’t get to bed earlier than half of 12” I couldn’t help but smile. And add in the sing-song repetition of “yeah, yeah, yeah” after you ask a question or he agrees with you and I was fully entertained.

But, the charm was the man behind the Dublin accent and casual, natural cursing. For over an hour, over a pint of Guinness & later a Bulmer’s Vintage Cider, we talked about literature, culture, writing, poets, economics, politics, travel, friends & family, & careers (he works for city of Dublin & is helping document archeological finds discovered as they put in a new tram line). He gave me some added insight into Dublin’s history & told me how he spent 2 years touring his city so he could help tourists when they asked him questions. (I’m sure this has helped him get the ladies too, and if it hasn’t, then he should definitely use it to his advantage.)

He is a really great guy & I’m sorry he won’t be on the rest of the tour with us, but I’m really grateful that I met him & got to experience the wonderful Irish hospitality & excellent storytelling that is world-renowned. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my day than spending it with him.

Other highlights of the day:
*Driving tour around Dublin
*Entrance into Trinity College to see The Book of Kells & the old library
*Meet & Greet Dinner on a barge that went up & down Dublin’s canals

Tomorrow we leave for Waterford & the Irish countryside. I’m curious to see what tomorrow will bring.






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